The Ignorance Within

So sorry I haven’t posted in a while, life’s been keeping me busy with so much utter crap it’s unbelievable. Anyway, I wanted to segue for a moment from my typical memoirs to a little matter that makes me extremely pissy. Ignorance, specifically ignorance from people you’d think would know better than to be so ignorant. Now, I’m not like militant when it comes to enforcing proper political correctness at all times regarding all terms and acronyms or anything, but I find it completely rude when people just show utter disregard for the journey we as trans-people go through and refer to us using pronouns of the opposite gender. Being included in the LGBTQ umbrella, you’d think that gay people would be a bit more conscientious, but honestly some of them are just as bad as the most dumbass of straights.

I’ll give you a “for instance.” I was at a club yesterday (which is a rarity) and honestly the whole experience made me realize why I don’t frequent clubs…they’re noisy, crowded, sticky and full of ignorant, drunk assholes. This one female asshole in particular was a lesbian who made a pass at me. She asked me if I was straight and I told her that I was trans. I was under the flawed misconception that, as a lesbian, she’d be at least respectful and semi-knowledgeable about the whole thing. But all night long she kept trying to touch my chest to see if it was real or not, and kept asking me in disbelief if I really was a “guy.” Now, I have met wonderful, knowledgeable, sweet lesbians who are just completely lovely and I’ve met shady lesbians who are crude and nasty like this one. So I know there’s good and bad in everything, the thing that irritates me though is that if we can’t have some semblance of cohesion within our community, how do we ever expect to thrive and change other people’s stance on us? I don’t know, the whole matter made me feel depressed and distanced from the LGBT community. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt that way either…I feel like being the “T” at the tail end of that acronym is more than a coincidence…I feel like we’re the least valued and most overlooked members of that already marginalized group. It just sucks to think that we’re the bottom wrung of mainstream society’s ladder, and (for the most part) we’re not much higher up on our own. Maybe it’s because there *is* a distinct difference between sexual orientation and gender identity and that’s the reason they feel we don’t belong in a group united by the commonality of variant sexual orientation, maybe they’re right. Honestly, the only real kinship I feel with gay people, as a straight transwoman is the benefit of a similarly open mind and accepting nature…but when you don’t even have that to show for yourself, you’re just another jerk.

Meh, next week it’s back to my memoirs! Stay tuned!


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A transgendered woman on a continuing journey of self-acceptance and self-discovery.

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