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Beauty tip time!!

Some helpful make-up tips…in comic book form

Courtesy of The Mod Squad.

Support this documentary about trans-musicians!!

Vlog the second…on being creative and trans

My first vlog!!

So tell me…do you want this to be a video blog??

I’m even willing to reveal my secret identity for all you lovely people reading!! But seriously I noticed one of the things people searched for to get here was “eyeliner how-to for transsexuals.” As a Lancome-trained beauty advisor/make-up artist, I’d be more than happy to demonstrate, but I want to know someone’s gonna be watching, so please let me know!

In other news, as I suspected I was clocked in class. 😦 As we were doing our introductions, some jerk-off started asking the girl next to me, “So do you know? I’ve been trying to figure it out for 48 hours. Man I’m gonna find out! *Chuckle, whisper*” That’s okay though, faithful readers for the following reasons: a) I don’t know for sure if he was talking about me or not (though after all the years of being gossiped about, I tend to be pretty keen about these things and I think he was), and b) For that one schmuck, there were two new people I met who were perfectly kind. And that’s really what life on earth is all about, don’t you think? Trying to find the good stuff, be it people or experiences or aromatherapy candles or whatever…so that you can hang on to it; and letting the bad stuff, and my! there is plenty of it, just letting all that stuff roll off your back like so much caca onto the ground. The prism of a transsexual’s existence is custom-made for detecting the good and bad intrinsic in everyone. Our very nature evokes strong reactions which tend to be very indicative of whether or not this person is something we want to hang on to or something we should just let drop to the gutter. The accepting ones, the kind ones, the ones who see us as people, not as “mysteries to be solved” or jokes or kinky sex interests, they’re the ones you hold on to. And luckily, it’s easier to detect that sort of thing for us because those reactions happen rapidly whenever we meet someone…whereas with many cis people, it takes considerably longer and a significantly greater effort to differentiate the judgmental, self-righteous douches from the sweethearts.

Anyway, my message of the day: be prismatic. Let the love come through you and send rainbows right back! The hate? Just let it pass the f*ck by.

Anyway y’all…this is your space as much as mine, so let me know if you want vlogs because I’ve got a new macbook with a built-in camera and, I’m itchin’ to use it! 😉