Love ppl 4 who they are, not what they are :)


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A transgendered woman on a continuing journey of self-acceptance and self-discovery.

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  1. You have made an excellent point! I also lacked this common sense bit…especially with assuming that my LGB brethren would be more amicable than non-LGB persons and I found out wrong! As a matter of fact, I am sure many have said the proverbial “freak” behind my back but only one to my face…yep…you guessed it…he was a gay man. I share your feeling that it borders on treason…that a fellow LGBT’r would “go there”.

    I am also part Spanish, part Italian y hablo espanol muy bien! I must say that as a female w/trans history, I never had a gay or crossdressing phase as part of my history. During the early part of my transition I did test “all the waters” and finally realized that men offer a little, women offer much more but only a trans sister offers it all! However, as you, I also have a tiny trans circle in my sphere. It is no exaggeration to say, probably because of our Spanish heritage that induces a genetic bias, girl if one day my prayer to find a pretty T-girl like you came true, I would be in heaven! Wow you are super pretty!!! Muchacha. I believe you will enjoy my blog especially my labor of love I call the “State of the Transgender Union–2011” that I wrote so that all the A-holes out there who don’t want to buy a clue at least get one after reading it. I got sick of all the misunderstandings and transphobia out there that I decided to do something about it. Adios muchacha bella! I give you 15 out of 10 stars!

    • Thanks so much for your kind thoughts about me and the blog! I really do appreciate it and look forward to reading your blog as well 🙂 It was sooo disappointing in my teen years when I first started trying to find people to associate with and instinctively looked to my gay brothers and sister and received so much negativity in return (mostly from gay men). It was a difficult pill to swallow, but this whole experience is a school of hard knocks, isn’t it? Thanks again and please keep reading/watching! 😉

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