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Head on over gang…to…The Lady-In-Waiting Fashion Files!!!! YEAH!!!!

For the fashionistas…

Hey everyone!

So, I’m starting a Tumblr to go hand-in-hand with the blog, only instead of focusing on the finer points of transition and how to cope with its unique challenges, this is a light-hearted foray into my personal fashion files. Here I’ll be semi-frequently posting pictures of my day-to-day outfit choices, to inspire and perhaps give ideas to all you fashionistas out there, trans or otherwise; because, as we are all well-aware…the two international languages of this crazy world are Esperanto and fashion! ^_^ So make sure to follow me!

Combating Depression

Mon Chat

I love the furry little curve of my cat’s snow-capped feet

The way her fury and quiet rage erupt

As she hunts monsters made of string

Her icy aristocracy…

The laziness of her, the gracefulness of her

The slap-happy way she is oft to be found in

The tender lapping at a stream

Flowing from the kitchen sink

The way she shadows my every move

And the way I hope she will…for always.


Every time we meet…

It wells within me like so much love

A soapy-sweet feeling, clean and care-free

Like the bubbles children used to blow

It helps me battle Scylla

And steers me through Charybdis

I never knew a hermit at heart

Could be so beloved by Fortune

To be favored with the trade wind of your friendship

The breezy zephyr of our laughs

That echo every time we meet

The easy glide I step into

Walking at your side, mirroring your stride

The deep sea of memories

Washing ashore, lapping at our feet

Every…single…time we meet.


Hey you guys…no this entry is not about transgenders and perspiration…it’s about transgendered individuals or characters who have inspired me throughout the years during my own personal quest towards womanhood. I realize many of you don’t really have any pertinent role models, that is…other transgendered people in positive places, at least not directly in front of you…which is fine, neither did I. So that’s what the internet is for! ^_^ I did some research and compiled an internal list over the years of the most inspirational, kick-ass trans-sisters and it’s a list that makes me feel like I can see myself¬†through the dark forest that, as trans-folk, we inevitably must walk through several times throughout our lives…so without further ado.

1) Akihiro Miwa.

Japanese transvestite, singer, actor, author, director, composer and generally awesome television personality. Miwa was the muse of author/film director Yukio Mishima and starred in his 1968 camp-tacular film, “Black Lizard,” among others, which you can see here and which was my first introduction to this elegant talent. Also recommended: any of the numerous YouTube videos in which Miwa’s superb, velvet-smooth vocal stylings can be heard.

2) April Ashley.

British trans-supermodel and the first to be publicly outed as such by the tabloids. Her story is a poignant one and her beauty and grace, timeless. Proof that a positive outlook, class and perseverance can see you through whatever storms life throws at you. Learn more about her by reading her book! New, it’s kinda expensive, but used it’s quite reasonable and a book you won’t want to put down.

3) Harisu.

A Korean popstar, actress and happily-married wife. Harisu’s dazzling persona is only matched by her keen talent for comedic and dramatic acting. From her eclectic and ultra-glam fashion sense to the example she shows us all with her amazing career and marriage that continues to thrive against all the odds originally stacked against her, Harisu is a true trans-piration!

4) Dana International.

Israeli pop singer who won the Eurovision singing contest back in 1998 with her song, “Diva.” Her bubbly, yet formidably direct aura shine through in music videos for some of her songs such as “Love Boy,” and “Seret Hodi.” Even without any knowledge of the Hebrew language, one can appreciate the artistry of Dana International and the stellar skills she continues to bring to the forefront of the Israeli music industry.

5) Li Jing.

Taiwanese television personality involved in variety shows, shopping shows, advertisements and the like. Regrettably, I don’t know much about her, but I love her fashion sense and how gracefully she seemed to handle her exposure in the media. The uplifting optimism that surrounds her on-screen should be an example for all of us to emulate in our day-to-day lives.

6) Isabella.

Yes, she is a cartoon character. And no, I don’t care. Isabella from the “Paradise Kiss” series was a caring, maternal part of the cast with a deep understanding (perhaps deeper than any other character, actually) and appreciation of love and all its permutations. If only we could all integrate such depth of insight about our experiences, we’d all be better off. Her signature style was charming, old-fashioned, yet all her own reminding us to retain our individuality even through our constant attempts to pass in society (for those of us who do make that a priority ^_^). Portrayed by Shunji Igarashi in the live-action film.

7) Birdo.

Yes, Birdo from Super Mario. Primarily because Birdo is a positive portrayal of a trans-character in the gaming world which tends to not usually mention such subjects. So thanks Birdo for opening some doors that weren’t open before…or busting them down with a projectile-vomited egg.

So that does it, I hope you all enjoyed my little list and start supporting/continue to support the public figures I listed and the creators/project developers that took the time to create trans characters and imbue them with personalities and their own unique stories. Do you have a personal trans-identified role model/idol? If so, who and why? Comment! ^_^

Atypical Beauty

It finds itself

Creeping…lurking, vine-like, over the aged telephone poles

Thorny brambles of diseased wood

Causing a man-made construct to bloom like a cactus

Nature overtakes science and the electric pin-cushion


A beautiful contradiction unto itself

It finds itself

In the glue-edged fan of false eyelashes

That create peacock plumage out of plainly-pigmented pupils

It finds itself

In those moments,

Unexpected and lightning-flash fleeting

Where awkward smiles are sealed within cameras

And sins of the past are forgotten.

A word about respect for alleged “trans-persons”

That’s news? Really!? And Happy 2012…