“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.” ~C. G. Jung

Growing up in a small, very rural town as a “gender deviant” was not easy, but it was made harder by not having any appropriate examples to follow. My family supported me, and for that I am very fortunate, but the research, the education, the example and the drive to actually go through with it all had to come from me. I didn’t have anyone’s lead to follow, and up until then I’d never thought of myself as anything but a follower. I chose the title “Lady-In-Waiting,” not just as a play on words, since I was quite literally a lady in waiting, but also as a testament to how I as a person felt all my life, which is how I feel many of us in the glbt community feel or have felt, especially in smaller towns…always taking a backseat to life and the rules set up by the “normals,” lurking in the shadows out of fear and doing what’s expected of us by our families, friends and the establishment without regard to our own desires. For those little boys and girls who feel they too, are alone in this journey towards their true selves, take strength in my story and know you are not alone. You must find your own drive within you, for this type of journey requires it, but my story is here as an example and (hopefully) as a source of inspiration and assistance.

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  1. Hello love, i was watching all your YouTube videos and i must say you doing a excellent job on fighting for all transgender and i do hope you can add me on Facebook.com/tsdanielle86 thanks and continue doing the excellent job love.

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